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Automate your carpark with our intelligent carpark guidance system.

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Liquidpark provides the driver with real-time and accurate information of available parking space and will guide them to the nearest space available through at shortest route with the help of directional displays at strategic locations.

Space by space ultrasonic detectors along with pilot lights provides a better visual indication of the available carpark space to the driver.The system also provides detailed statistics and reports on the carpark usage and evenets.

The system follows a zone based counting principle and therefore can be a cheaper solution for large multilevel carparks. Moreover our solid Direction Detection Logic (DDL) identifies the direction of vehicle movement, any tailgating events and many other irregular vehicle movements.



Faster booting with less than 15 seconds.

Retains counting data and configuration during system restart and power failures.

Easy to integrate with third party systems in the carpark, including carpark barrier, fire alarm, BMS etc. Visualisation of carpark on a virtual map.

Facility to modify the zone occupancy during run time.

Full graphical interface for real time status monitoring and remote management.

Detailed occupancy and counting reports for individual zone and level.

Highly customizable as the complete solution is designed and developed by Liquidlab.


Ultrasonic Detectors

Ultrasonic detectors are installed on top of each parking space, which continously monitors the presence of vehicle underneath and turn on pilot light accordingly.

Ultrasonic parking guidance system provides visual indiacation to the driver while searching for a vacant parking space.

Ultrasonic sensor at each space monitors real-time occupancy and reports by changing color of individual lighted space indicator.A green light signifies that the space is vacant while a red light indicates that the space is filled or already occupied.

Variable Message Sign

Variable Message Signs with direction arrows will be fixed on strategic locations, which display the total spaces available in that particular direction.

Our display features ethernet connectivity and can be connected to the nearest ethernet switch. Green and Red Dual color LEDs are used to show total space and FULL message.


Pilot Light

Our pilot light functions together with the ultrasonic sensor providing visual information about the availability status of each parking lot with color coding, Green for free and red for occupied.

Highly power efficient, power consumption less than 50mA

Modular design with translucent tube for effective light emission.

Circular design for full angle visibility.

Add-On Features

Android, iOS applications and portal to provide real time parking status to the customers, so that they can plan their trip whenever parking is free.

Can be integrated with lighting system inside the parking area to switch off lights whenever a particular zone or level is empty.

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