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ultrasonic parking guidance system

Taking parking guidance to the next level

Liquidpark provides the driver with realtime and accurate information of available parking space and will guide them to the nearest space available through the shortest route with the help of directional displays at strategic locations. Space by space ultrasonic detectors along with the pilot lights provides a better visual indication of the available car park space to the driver.The system also pro- vides detailed statistics and reports on the car park usage and events. Our PGS is designed and developed in a hierarchical and modular architecture and therefore is scalable to any extent. LiquidPark guidance solutions helps the car park operators to make their parking more effective and attractive to the users.

A property’s parking facility has the potential of leaving the first and last impressions on visitors and it plays a major role in his decision of which one to choose from his options. Liquidlab's parking guidance system will elevate the look and feel of the parking by helping the visitors to find a parking space easily and effectively.


Wifi Enabled

Ultrasonic Detectors

Sleek & quick reliant

Wifi Enabled

Ultrasonic Detectors

Ultrasonic detectors are installed on top of each parking space, which continuously monitors the presence of vehicles underneath and turns on pilot light accordingly. A green pilot light signifies that the particular parking space is free, while a red light indicates that the space is already occupied. Our detectors are WIFI enabled and communicate to the server wirelessly. These IOT devices automatically connect to any one of the stron- gest available authorised WiFi and updates the detection status to the server. The detection height can be changed dynamically from the server during the runtime. These devices are capable of identifying any overstayed vehicle and provide separate pilot light indication, which makes it easy for the parking operators to easily identify such vehicles.

Sleek design with slim, light weight & less footprint
increased reliability with advanced electronic design
Overstay detection with seoerate pilot light indication
Faster communication to server through wifi
Minimal power consumption
Tool-less, easy and infrequent manitenace
Faster detection time with less than 3 seconds
High quality ABS enclosure for extended durablity.
Power efficient

Pilot Light

Our pilot light functions together with the ultrasoic sensor to provide visual information about the availability status of each parking lot with color coding. Green for free and red for occupied.

Highly power efficient, cosumes less than 50 mA
Modular design with transluscent tubes for effective light emission
High quality SMD leds for exceptionally bight luminance
Transluscent finger tube design for 360 degree visibility
Sleek & quick reliant

Wifi Enabled

Varriable Message Sign

Varriable message signs with direction aroows will be fixed at strategic locations, which display the total spaces avialbale in that particular direction.
Our dispalys feature ethernet and wifi connectcity to communicate with the central server. Green and red dual colour LEDs are used to show total space and "FULL" message. Its plug and play design makes it easy for the carpark operators to configure a new display as well as reconfigure an existing display with a different data logic.

Sleek design with slim, light weight & less footprint
Better screen refresh rate with less than 150ms
High speed data transfer with server through wifi
Low power consumption
Tool-less, easy and infrequent manitenace
Pulls information from server on power up
High performant


System Server

The Central server is based on commercially available industrial PC hardware with a standard operating system. GUI design and configuration are customer specific.The operator can easily monitor occupancy of individual areas in the parking facility. The server holds the system database, administration and reporting tool and communicates with all the Ultrasonic Detectors and provides real time counting information to the displays
Server is built with latest technologies to ensure accurate and real time calculations. The central database is implemented using MongoDB, which is highly flexible and is around 100 times faster than relational database like MySQL. The data processing backbone uses nodeJS, which makes the server highly scalable and efficient by handling multiple requests simultaneously to ensure better performance. Server follows an event based architecture, which makes it highly responsive to ultrasonic detections. Instead of using separate in-house server for each car park or connecting multiple car parks to one centralised server locally, we provide our customers the option to adopt cloud server and get mind free from maintaining the local server. The detailed real time reports and statistics for individual parking slot, zone and level ensures the most efficient management of the car park.

Real time

Mobile Application

Liquidpark Guidance system provides mobile application for car park operators as well as users. Operators can use their app for runtime system configuration and monitor ing. Operators will be notified on their mobile app if a particular zone or floor is getting filled. Users app provides real ime parking occupancy statistics, which helps them to evaluate the parking situation before entering the parking

Real time data updates
Graphical data representation
Data analytics
Push notifications
Occupancy reports

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